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Prince Hall Grand Lodge


Est. November 23, 1881

From whence we came

 MWPHGL of West Virginia

Greetings and welcome

On behalf of all of the Master Masons owing allegiance to The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of West Virginia, Free and Accepted Masons, we cordially welcome you to our website. We are truly grateful for your visit and hope that you will find the website informative and useful. 

The purpose of this website is to provide information for those seeking possible membership, provide additional light to current members and to inform regarding events past and future. Please take a moment to browse around. Do not hesitate to drop us a line. One of our website staff will be happy to get back to you. 

Kindest Regards

The Honorable Most Worshipful Grand Master

Jeffery M. Calcote Sr. 33˚

Masonic Bodies

Mission Statement

Encourage the Prince Hall Lodges of West Virginia to contribute with customary Masonic liberality to the needs of their community.

Vision Statement

To promote the charitable dimension of Freemasonry which is central to, and inherent in Masonic life and tradition.

The ways of virtue are beautiful. Knowledge is attained by degrees Wisdom dwells in contemplation; there we must seek her. Let us then, brethren, apply ourselves with becoming zeal to the practices of the excellent principles inculcated by our order. Let us ever remember that the great objects of our association are, the restraint of improper desires and passions, the cultivation of an active benevolence, and the promotion of a correct knowledge of the duties we owe to God, to our neighbor, and to ourselves. Let us be united, and practice with assiduity the sacred tenets of our Order. Let all private animosities, if any unhappily exist,  give place to affection and brotherly love.  It is useless parade to talk of the subjection of irregular passion within the walls of the lodge, if we permit them to triumph daily in our intercourse with each other. Uniting in the grand design, let us be happy ourselves, and endeavor to promote the happiness of others, Let us cultivate the great moral virtues which are laid down on our Masonic Trestle-board, and improve in everything that is good, amiable, and useful. Let the Benign Genius of the Mystic Art preside over our councils, and under her sway let us act with dignity becoming the high moral character of our venerable institution.

Inspired by : Opening Charge

MWGM Jeffery M. Calcote Sr. 33˚

Service and Charity Within our Community

Events Within Our Jurisdiction

Mt. View Middle School Backpack Drive

Christmas Stockings For The Military Overseas

The 142nd Grand Communication was a Success! We would like to thank everyone that supported the event.