Frequently asked questions

Freemasonry is an individual journey towards becoming a better father, husband, friend, citizen and man, supported by other men at different points on the same journey. For centuries, the Lodge itself has been the launchpad for Masonic Education, and a common ground for Brethren of different backgrounds to meet and exchange ideas, provide support and offer friendship.

Feel free to ask us questions regarding Mason. Simply send us a message through our online form located on the Contact Us page and we will get back to you soon. 

You must be at least the 18 years of age. 

Yes, you must live in West Virginia to apply to our jurisdiction. However, if you live in another State or Country you can find your local Prince Hall Lodge and apply where you live. 

No they cannot. However, Women have their own body called Prince Hall Affiliated Order of Eastern Stars.

Answer the question is very simply just ask. You can begin your journey by filling out the application form below. We will get back with you shorty. 

Absolutely not. Like a lot of other organizations are Lodge meetings are for members only. The rules and aims of our Fraternity are available to the public. We are also very active in the community providing relief through community service projects all year round. 

Absolutely not! That would be a misuse of membership and not permitted within the fraternity. A mason does not expect no material gain from its membership. 

There are 3 degree’s within masonry(Craft Degree’s). Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and finally Master Mason. From there a member can choose to explore additional degree’s and orders. 

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