Grand Officers

Elected Grand Officers

Most Worshipful Grand Master

MWGM Kelvin H. Elmore 32˚


      We give praise to God the Father and to our Redeemer, his Son Christ Jesus.

We twelve, with three others, entered into a conspiracy to extort from our G.M.H.A., the secret word of M.M. or take his life.

      This is something that every Mason has heard and experienced. This is something that we cherish in our hearts, to have stood in the place of Grand Master Hiram Abiff. His fidelity, his honor, and his bravery have shown us the way in which we should carry ourselves daily. As we move forward and upward, we should pick up the tools of a Master Mason and build our Lodges and our lives. We shall stand and be the beacon of light which shall lead good men to us and we shall make them the better men in which they have asked to be.

      Take heed and stand. Take heed and be prepared to build as all Masons who have come this way before us. May God bless us and keep us strong so that we may attain his approval.

Honorable Kelvin H. Elmore

MWGM of Prince Hall Masons of West Virginia 

RW Deputy Grand Master

Kenneth L. Hale

RW Grand Senior Warden

Keelon Hinton

RW Grand Junior Warden

Rod Lee

RW Grand Secretary

Jeffery Calcote Sr.

Right Worshipful Grand Trustees

  • Michael W. Branson
  • Steven E. Hill
  • John Collier
  • Thaddeus L. Law, II
  • Christopher L. Brown
  • David Coles
  • Demetrius Lathon
  • Raymond P. Smith (Emeritus)
  • John Stevenson (Emeritus)

Worshipful Appointed Officers

  • W. Grand Senior Deacon: John Birckhead
  • W. Grand Junior Deacon: 
  • W. Grand Chaplain: Carl Johnson
  • W. Grand Senior Steward: Curtis McGhee, Sr.
  • W. Grand Junior Steward: 
  • W. Grand Lecturer: Steve Holmes
  • W. Grand Director of Communication: Paul Rosario